Thursday, June 9, 2011

progress on one journal page, cleaning out a cupboard and beautiful skies...

I have been working on my newest journal page which is turning out to be a quilt, a small one....

I changed one of the elements on the side, same words but
written on different material, I have also sandwiched it together
and  I am making it a mini journal quilted page.

I have been quilting it with embroidery thread....
I do like experimenting with different materials/mediums. I originally was going to incorporate this into a cover for my iPad but, I decided to turn it into a quilt... still working on it. The other weekend I decided to clean out my cupboard where I store all my plastic containers, yup it was a mess and yup I had more lids that bottoms...

to the recycle bin they went....
On Monday we had some more clouds and rain (we have had a lot of rain for where we live), and I just love to take pictures of the sky....

The sky is so beautiful, and I have so many pictures of the sky and clouds... so day I am going to have to print some up and hang in my house. I am hoping to start a new tangle this coming week along with cleaning out my sewing room closet (ha ha). So it is time to head off to bed...  thanks for looking and have a wonderful day tomorrow!



  1. I know! We've had rain, rain, rain and/or clouds, clouds, clouds here, too, all spring--seems like 80% of the time. (Maybe it isn't, but it seems like it.) I do like it cooler than hotter, so I like that--but you get to missing the sun. I guess it makes me really appreciate those rays when we do see them.

    I had to giggle with the excess covers. Feels good to have them cleared out, I bet.

    I love seeing what clever, collage-y things people are doing with journals lately. Using cloth is so cool! I can totally see you making an iPad cover.

    I also love the sky. You should definitely put up some of the great sky shots! :)

  2. I love the mixed mediums you use on the iPad/quilt. I miss the western skies. Keep postin the sky pics. I will live vicariously through your rain. And Ritas too. Terah.

  3. That's so funny - I always have more containers. . .



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