Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's finished.....

The final steps to a finished bag....

finished up some hand work and sewing two pieces together

a bit of detail, some embroidery

i fused some swirls on top of my piecing and then quilted

everything is trimmed and ready to sew together

it is starting to look like a bag...

the bag is complete... one side of it

the other side....
zentangle #41

I have finally finished my bag that I have been working on for a while. I have enjoyed the process and love how it turned out. I have to admit I love bags, I have a few. I don't know why I have to carry so many things but, you have to be prepared for anything. It must of been a habit I developed when my kids were little. I really wanted this bag to bring some of my art supplies with me where every I go. So I have things packed and ready to go... It always goes to work with me. Well thanks for looking!



  1. Love the bag. It looks very difficult.

  2. That bag just says art supplies!! :):)

    I agree with the zentangle. I think everybody is ready for spring. :)

  3. Lovely! I especially like the paisley-like amoeba shapes.

  4. I really like the colours in your bag. Bright and zippy, something you should be proud to be seen carrying.

    And a lovely little zentangle to top it all off.

    Congrats on a creative week :D

    (via Creative Every Day)

  5. wow - this is really cool - great work

  6. What a great bag; it is awesome.......

  7. What a lovely design! So colorful and fun!

  8. Stunning. It made me want to get out fabric and play with it. I agree with your zentangle as well, time for spring.

  9. wow, awesome, A fun bag. I am a bag person too. Unfortunately I keep buying but only use the same ones most of the time.



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