Thursday, July 22, 2010

Zentangle - 29 paisley thoughts…

This drawing took me quite a few days to complete. When I look back at my drawings… the ones posted and not I have one common element - paisleys. I have always loved paisleys for some reason. When I owned my quilt shop, I always purchased paisley fabrics, bought them when I was younger…. Tonight I finished my drawing sitting on my hammock. A lot of things running through my mind like… here we go with another mammogram. Had one last week and I have been called in for a second. It's happen before a few years ago and nothing was wrong just that I drink too much coffee (which I still do) maybe it will be the same thing. Was trying to post this last night but our internet was down (getting to be a problem) Just got back and the spot they found was nothing Yeah! Well, thanks for looking!


  1. You do paisleys so well with your zentangles too! Glad the mammogram came back ok.

  2. First of all - wow! This is beautiful! And secondly, I do hope the mammogram will be clear. Didn't realise they could be affected by coffee - hope that's all it is again.

  3. Yes... coffee is not the best...

  4. Very nice zentangle! I hope your mammogram is negative! nancy



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