Sunday, July 11, 2010

zentangle #28 - flowers

Zentangle #28 - Flowers
I have been thinking about flowers a lot these days... I need to plant some in my yard... they are beautiful, colorful and they brighten your day.  I am amazed and how long these take me to draw... I go into a zone... think about life.... sometimes I think I would like to quite my job (don't most people) get rid of the stress... think about my kids, my husband, my animals... I think I need to go work on a sewing project (which I used to be obsessed with)... I think I am going to go down to my sewing room and finish my goofy project I am working on... maybe I will take a picture...  Have a great day and thanks for looking! 


  1. Oh, wow. I see your lovely zentangle and I think "Ohhh, I need to do that again!" Yours are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I love what the color did for this zentangle. Especially love that flower in the bottom left.

  3. I understand completely, I would love to quit my job,take care of my family and animals and create at home. I love my job, but sometimes it feels like it takes too much of my time from home. Your drawings are wonderful, I can't wait to see more.

  4. Hi Karen!

    So pretty and a zen meditation in the drawing of them...I can see it!

    Happy Creative Everyday!

    love, kelee

  5. I have only recently started practicing zentangles - yours are so inspiring! I love the idea of a flowertangle!

    I felt overwhelmed and exhausted the other day and decided a zentangle would be THE thing to center me. You beautifully describe what goes on inside. I love the calm, anchoring effect it has upon me. I will be sure to dip back in here for more ideas!

    xo Lis (From CED)

  6. Your zentangle flowers are just amazing. Those intricate lines and circle. Well Done!

    Thank you for sharing! ;)

  7. What an amazing piece of work! Your flowers are truly sensational and I hope you enjoy your planting. Happy Creative Every Day. Hope your having a lovely Summer.

  8. fun zentangle! I tried my first one last month. I can definitely see how they can be addicting to create! Happy Creative Every Day!



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