Saturday, May 29, 2010

Something different than a zentangle....

I have been working on an on-line class as I mentioned before so, I selected the photo below to alter, printed it black & white...

This one turned out like this after being altered....

Then I printed out the same picture in color and cropped a bit.... as below:

and then I proceded to alter it by painting it....

I don't think it's to bad for the first time trying this... I am going to try a few more. When I took these photos I was clear across the arena.  I am going to go again this year but I am going to get tickets for seat near the gates where the riders come out.  My camera didn't do to bad of a job.  I have more pictures I am going to print out and alter.  Well, thanks for looking!


  1. Very interesting. I look forward to seeing more of these.

  2. Wow! Very cool to see the stages and evolution of your photo. I love the way it turned out.



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