Monday, April 12, 2010

Zentangle #14

Zentangle #14

Oh my, I think these represent my state of mind... dazed, confused, stressed, creative and so on...  I have been wanting to get back to quilting but for some reason lack the motivation and I used to quilt a lot... work has me stressed - had to work all day Saturday so that was day six and now it's Monday again....  can't focus - I have always been one to work on many projects at one time but I am having a hard time trying to focus on one.... an old one, start a new one just can't get motivated.  I need to figure it out....       thanks for looking.....


  1. i like the splash of red in your zentangle!

    i find that motivation to work comes in cycles, so perhaps you're just in a down cycle. hang in there! i say focus on whatever you're drawn to for now, continue doodling if that feels good. the motivation will return.

  2. yes, i too have been moving through some extreme cycles ...

    and i agree with Leah ... the best advice i've been given is to just do what makes my soul sing in that moment and let go of the notion of having to be "doing" something. that may mean staring out into space, walking, or doodling in my journal ... days later, i often see how those moments nourished other seeds incubating below the surface.

    not that i would equate your doodles with doing nothing! i am so inspired and awed because when i attempt a zentangle, i feel like i am repeating myself. but yours have such richness and depth!

  3. Thank you.... it seems that zentangles are the thing for me right now....

  4. Fantastic piece ! Love the crazy red...I too am feeling a lot of those extreme feelings. Here's hoping the cycle is short and the answers and lessons swift and gentle.
    Cheers, Creative One.

  5. I know what you mean...I have a couple projects in various degrees of completion (some as far back as *little embarrassed to say* 4 years old) but I know I will return to them when the mood is right :)

    Meanwhile, continue doing what keeps creativity flowing from you!

    The zentangles are wonderful...and look like great stress diffusers.
    Kim's right, the red is especially striking!

  6. Love your zentangles. I recently went through a phase where I didn't do much of anything creative. Kudos to you for doodling until you feel like quilting again!

  7. I adore the scarlet elements to this zentangle ... Swirling in a way that invites me beyond the busyness of routine black and white.

    It is true that inspiration/motivation comes in cycles} ... Perhaps the scarlet lines are your creAtive mind {visually} reminding you that passion remains and will emerge again within your daily routines.



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