Wednesday, April 28, 2010

just words today....

4/28/10…. I am a recruiter for a company and I was doing a job offer and getting paperwork together after doing an interview. I had a great interview with this woman, had a conversation before getting the paperwork ready, grabbed her I.D.'s and went the copier. I was making a copy of the them and thought with out looking at them I thought to myself, I bet she is a Gemini…. Umm… looked at her drivers license and sure enough her birthday is the 14th of June and mine is the 18th of June. It was funny how I had this feeling that I just knew that about her. In reading the them for Creative Everyday this month I thought about intuition… There was something about her, something about her personality that is great. She was just blown away that I offered her a job after our interview… as the day went on she phoned me about some paperwork I needed from her and she told me how after she left she was still amazed that I had offered her a job and that she started to cry as she was driving home… She was so excited she even put her husband on the phone and he thanked me… My job has been extremly stressful this past couple of months and this is what I love about my job! As stressful as it gets it is nice to make someone's day.  Have a great day... thanks for looking.

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  1. What a wonderful feeling you must have had that day! Enjoying your zens and hope to see lots more!



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