Thursday, March 5, 2009

as the days pass by....

As the days have past by since I was able to write on my blog... I took one of my fat quarters that I have had for probably 10 years now and created a credit card holder, money holder,case for my sunglasses and a  mini folder to carry miscellaneous papers in my purse.  I had a great day of just making up stuff as I went a long in my sewing room.  As the days have past by my oldest daughter turned 23, it goes by so fast. We had a dinner for her and waited a bit for her arrival home as she went snow boarding with a friend and they got lost on the back side of the mountain.  Ski Patrol had to assist on helping them find there way.... As the week comes to the end I received news that my Dad had a stroke. I did get to talk with him tonight... said Hi to him.  I live in a different state so I am making plans to travel to see him....  It is amazing how quickly things change in your life.....

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