Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's the weekend....

I was looking so forward to this weekend... sleeping in... relaxing.... wow, wake up at 6:30am after not being able to fall asleep until probably 1:30am.  I can never sleep in on a weekend. Oh well!  I did complete a collage for crowabout this weekend. Missed the deadline to submit but that's okay.  I like how it came out.  I even used a picture of myself from when I was oh so young!  
I am also working on making myself a case to carry my sunglasses in out of canvas.  I have drawn a picture of a horse (of course) on it with oil paint sticks. I hope they are dry tomorrow to ad details, quilt and stitch together. I am also working on some new curtains for my bathroom that I have been re-doing.  I am trying to get myself motivated into sewing/quilting more but, I am having a hard time.  I have a block for some reason and I need to figure out why.  My goal this next week is to really focus on being creative some how every day this next week. I feel much better about things, more relaxed....

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