Saturday, April 20, 2013

Post It Note Label Roll use with sewing and CPS reader challenges...

I have been doing quite a bit of garment sewing lately when I have time. I love my new machine... I bought a roll of Post It Note Label Roll a while back for ummm just wanted (I love going to Staples).

Then while working on my jacket I thought what 
a great way to label the "right" side of the fabric 
when the right and wrong side look the same....

 Then I thought what a great way to mark my 
sewing guide line of the darts...

And also mark my 5/8" seam allowance....

Gets you right to the tip of the dart....

 just a little tid bit for sewing darts, to avoid ending at the
tip of the dart, put your needle down, turn your garment 
and start sewing back up along your stitching of your 
dart and then make your "knot" and clip that way you 
don't get a mess at the end of your dart.

This may be a repeat but I entered the Cloth Paper Reader 
challenge of tunnel books. Mine was not chosen but it was
fun to make...

I am entering another Cloth Paper Scissor Challenge called
Amazing Alphabet... I have been messing around with these
letters so created this and will be sending it in... we will see...

I have been trying to squeeze in creativity with my crazy work schedule. Have managed a few things... Going to run downstairs to work on something creative.  Thanks for stopping by and looking!

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