Saturday, November 26, 2011

M.I.A. but still being creative....

Between getting sick (a lot better now) and a lot of overtime at work... I have still been able to be creative and do AEDM (almost everyday)...

finished painting....

ATC for December trade....

As I mentioned above, I have been able to squeeze in some creativity time... I have finished painting my "fabric" and now to to cut it up, embellish it and make something out of it. I have some ideas but not sure what direction it will go. I worked on and finished my ATC cards for my group I am in... Flygirls. The theme is winter and I made snowflakes and what fun it was... 

Well it is time to go back into my room to work on some Christmas things... thanks for stopping by and looking!


  1. Your painting is beautiful and I love your ATCS's! One of these trades I will jump on board, but having a hard enough time keeping up with everything else that it just hasn't worked out yet. It is so much fun to see everyone else's though.

  2. Love the paintings and the snowflakes!

  3. Aha! Somebody else who's been feeling poorly. And then having to work overtime, too? You poor thing.

    And you still have found time to do your art projects. Wow! Nicely done, too! Glad to see you back! :)

  4. I admire you for staying in the zone! Terah



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