Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Stuck in a vacuum called work...

Work has sucked me up again and I am fighting to gain control and not work any overtime.... it cuts into my time and this weekend and some of last week I did get to work on some projects along with planting some new bulbs. I took my latest tangle that i posted about here and printed it on Lutradur...

and then I scan in one of my papers I have painted and printed it on Lutradur...

and then I started playing around a bit.... (need to learn to take better pictures sorry)

I know the product has been out for sometime and I purchased my packet a month or so ago and finally tried it out.  It is fun to play around with. I never know what direction I will go with this but, (I just remembered I think I left my paint brushes in water from the other day whoops) I am having fun with it. I have also been putting the quilt together for my sister-in-law, half way there. 

Well, I better go take care of my brushes, it's not so good to do what I just did.  Thanks for looking!



  1. I had to google Lutradur. Interesting stuff. I like what you've been doing with it. Cool! I hope you get more time to play!!! :)

  2. Work = black hole of creativity.

  3. Did that make sense? Maybe correct grammar would be 'work = black hole TO creativity'...???
    You get what I mean, right?

  4. I love how you're able to get your tangles onto fabric! How do you do it???

  5. Yes, how do you do it? So pretty and very creative. Just say yes!,, TO YOURSELF! Terah cowgirl red

  6. Yes Deb, you are right... It does create a black hole of creativity.

    For getting my tangles on fabric... I scanned in my design and used my photo software to make a repeat, I then figured out a setting on my inkjet printer and printed it on the Lutradur.



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