Sunday, December 19, 2010

zentangle #39 - not so good...

I do believe this is my ugliest one I have created and the funny thing is I never liked this from the beginning...
 It is nice that you can change the look digitally like this one....
 or like this one....
It is funny how you have a feeling about something but, I thought I should stick it out and I did.  Maybe it was a reflection of how much my arm was hurting not sure but it's done and it is ugly.  Now I can start a new! I wonder if I can make a couple of more before the end of the year.  I think I am going to call them something different because I don't know that they are truly a zentangle....

Trece asked me if I do my drawings freehand and the answer is yes.  I draw in pencil first and then go over my lines with a pen.  I use Pigma, Prismacolor, Bic, Sharpie's, Staedtler and Pitt pens and various sizes. I also have a collection of colored pencils, crayons and watercolor paints I have been using.  I just play around.

I am sure most are busy getting ready for Christmas this week me included. I am going to be happy to report to my P.T. tomorrow that my "tennis elbow" actually feels pretty good! Our big adventure this week will be finding out if my oldest daughter has gallbladder surgery this week... she had an attack on 12/16 and we spent the day in the E.R. They wouldn't do surgery that day so she goes tomorrow to find out when ummm a fun week ahead!  Happy Holidays! Thanks for looking!


  1. Your zentangles are so intricate.I like how you took the image you didn't like and were able to change it into something pretty. Happy Holidays!

  2. Great job sticking it out! I like the kaleidoscope one - do you have a quick and easy way to do kaleidoscopes? I want to learn. Glad you are feeling better and hope your daughter doesn't need surgery. Happy holidays to you and yours!

  3. I like every version of this Zentangle... and I am grateful you stuck with it, even if you didn't like it at first. I collaged using pages from a book I hated and ended up not hating it nearly so much. (Funny how that works!)

    My CED2010 Check in.

  4. Not ugly at all. I thought it's pretty. Reminds me of a plate on a tablemat...

    Hope your daughter is ok. Happy Christmas.

  5. Those are really pretty. Glad your elbow is better. Have a Happy Holiday. Terah

  6. Well, call me crazy but, I like it. So inventive, not making a full circle.

    Glad your arm is doing well; I still pray every night.

    Hope your DD is OK. My eldest had her gallbladder out at 18, my youngest at 17. So far their sister hasn't been troubled - which is good, 'cause she has IBS.

    Thanks for saying what you use and how. Maybe I'll get myself a Zentangle book for Christmas!!

  7. I really like this post - the coloring and line work is wonderful



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