Monday, September 13, 2010

recycling... transformation of a cardboard box and silliness...

For my birthday this year a received a nano ipod from my husband (yeah!). It a a glitch so I had to send it into Apple and they shipped it back to me in this box:

So, I decided to see if I could turn it into a box that I could either put some of my do-dads in or even use it at work for paperclips, pens or post it note pads. I began to cover it with pages from books that I have from using the covers for journals....

on the inside I added background papers I created using the same kind of book pages...

I then decided to paint the outside of the box... I started with an orange then used green and then ended up with this...

I used some masking fluid and masking tape to create some of the, the not sure what you would call it "texture" and now I am using my pens to draw around the circles... It is not complete yet, will keep on working on it. 

The silliness part, I am taking an on-line class from Carol Sonheim called The Art of Silliness 2.  She sent us a test page and this is what I did and the story I wrote:
I am looking forward to some silliness as it should relieve the stresses of work or may me forget about it. Well, thanks for looking!


  1. What a fun post. Nice that you are recycling the box and having fun at the same time. I like your silliness exercise...

  2. Great recycling idea. Love to see it when it is finished. And the silliness--good for everyone, I think. Have a blast!! :)



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