Sunday, March 21, 2010

zentangle #10 and a new jounal

I woke up this morning and went into  my sewing room and started to work on a couple of new journal covers. One is a birthday present.... 

and the next one is my zentangle #10.... 
 this my new journal to write in.  Last year at this time I purchased the book the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and started a journal, following the book.  My Dad had a bad stroke so, i had to travel to California to see him and with traveling I brought my journal, drawing journal, pens etc.... well, someone took my bag with everything in it.  I was quite upset... tried to journal again but didn't feel right.  I even made a journal but things didn't flow the same. So now, I am ready to start a fresh... restart reading the book and doing a journal again (the writing kind).  I must say I was in my room until 2:00pm... I was staving (had not had anything but coffee) and really needed to go outside and trim my fruit trees... well finish my journal and pretty much all my fruit trees... (I should take a picture - one got a pretty good trim). 

I feel as though I am rambling.... if you get a chance you should visit the creative everyday link... Leah started a prompt for a story and it is pretty fun to read... thanks for looking!


  1. You're doing so well with your Zentangles. Well Done! Thank you for sharing. ;)

  2. great zentangles and a lovely new journal!



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