Wednesday, July 8, 2009

finally back to crowabout collage

With so much going on lately I have not participated in the flickr group I am in.... I finally had time to do week 43.... Life is a fairytale... and they are the best of times...
It is therapeutic to do art.... I am on vacation for a week from work and really don't want to go back... I guess I could buy a lottery ticket and hope to win but, you know how that would go...
I bought 4 canvas's to start some paintings of classic car logos... I am excited to start the project. They are going to end up in believe it or not a bathroom that is in what we call the "man" cave. It still has a pinkish counter top from when it was our girls bathroom, going to experiment and paint it... has anyone ever painted Formica? Hints would be helpful.....

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